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Oyama Self-Watering Planters for House Plants

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We have made it our mission to provide customers with potting systems that will make houseplants flourish. Our two-piece, heavy duty Oyama planters are designed to provide consistent moisture to your plants. These self-watering planters allow roots to absorb moisture, nutrients, and oxygen at just the right amounts. We specialize in the care of Saintpaulia plants, better known as African Violets, which have been grown and loved as common houseplants for many years. Our owner, Sharon, is an award winning Saintpaulia grower, using these pots to grow the best African Violets. These potting supplies can be used for all different types of houseplants like African Violets, Orchids, Streps and more. We know these potting systems work because we use them ourselves to grow amazing plants!

Self-watering planters are a natural way to grow beautiful plants right in your home. We also carry the best fertilizer products and plant vitamins to make your plants and flowers thrive. If you really want your houseplants to stay big and healthy, we have a selection of pest control supplies to keep insects away. Keep your African Violet plants looking their best with all of our helpful plant products. If you need information on repotting or growing, or if you are looking for details on how to propagate, you can also browse our website for details. We provide free tips and information to help you grow the best plants possible. We are committed to keeping our customers informed and satisfied. We are here to be a resource for all your houseplant growing needs. Thank you for visiting our website!


Hi. Just wanted to let you know that you saved my African Violets with these pots. I was about to give up on my sickly plants but gave 1 more try with your self watering pots and my Violets are doing great! Many thx

These 2 part self-watering planters are a violet's best friend. They make watering and growing easy.